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Donald C. TillmanWater Reclamation Plant

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Tillman Treatment Plant Project: A Sustainable Solution for Clean Water About our plant The Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation Plant combines advanced wastewater treatment technology with the beauty and tranquility of its landscaped gardens. The Japanese gardens are irrigated with reclaimed water from the plant and are open to the public on a year round … Read more

Hyperion Treatment Plant

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Hyperion Treatment Plant Virtual Tour About our plant The Hyperion Treatment Plant is the City’s oldest and largest wastewater treatment facility. The plant has been operating since 1894. The plant has been expanded and improved numerous times over the last 100+ years. Today, leading edge technological innovations capitalize upon the opportunity to recover wastewater bio-resources … Read more

Terminal Island Water Reclamation Plant

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Terminal Island Treatment Plant: Advancing Water Treatment Technology About our plant The Terminal Island Water Reclamation Plant/Advanced Water Treatment Facilities are located 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles in San Pedro. The plant treats wastewater from over 130,000 people and 100 businesses in the heavily industrialized Los Angeles Harbor area, including the communities of … Read more

Hyperion Treatment Plant Virtual Tour

City Sewers About The City Sewers System Current Sewer Construction Projects Future Sewer Construction Projects Lateral Roots Notification Program Fats, Oil & Grease Spills & Backwater Valves Odors Help Protect The Enviroment Private Sewers & Septic Systems About Private Sewers System And Septic Systems Lateral Root Notification Program Fats, Oil & Grease Spills & Backwater … Read more

About the Treatment Plants

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Treatment Plant Index: Navigating Environmental Solutions About the Treatment Plants LA Sanitation operates four treatment and water reclamation plants that serve over four million people within two service areas containing over 600 square miles. The main purpose of these treatment facilities is to remove potential pollutants from Los Angeles’ sewage in order to protect our … Read more

Los Angeles-Glendale Water Reclamation Plant

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La Glendale Treatment Plant: Enhancing Water Quality and Sustainability About our plant The Los Angeles-Glendale Water Reclamation Plant is strategically located to serve east San Fernando Valley communities that are both within and outside of the Los Angeles City limits. The plant’s highly treated wastewater meets or exceeds the water quality standards for reclaimed water … Read more