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best whole house water filter systems of 2024


Water Filter Reviews

The Springwell CF1 Model is the best whole house water filter system to buy in 2024. It uses catalytic carbon + KDF media filtration to remove impurities such as bacteria, viruses, chlorine, chloramines, PFOA, PFOS, PFAS, pesticides and herbicides from tap water. Springwell CF1 also comes with a whopping 1 million gallons capacity, and 1 – 7 bathrooms options.

Homeowners also looking to buy a whole home water purification and water softener system combo to improve their tap water quality will be far-fetched to find a better deal than the Home Master 3-Stage Whole House Filter, at a considerably lower cost than other water filter models.

In this guide, We evaluated water purification filters using factors such as contaminants removed, NSF certification, bathroom size, water flow rate, durability, warranty, and customer reviews.
  • Capacity: 1,000,000 gallons
  • Flow Rate: 9 GPM – 20 GPM
  • No. of Bathrooms: 1- 7
  • Cost: $924
  • Capacity: Katalox usually lasts between 5 and 10 years
  • Flow Rate: 5 – 10 GPM
  • No. of Bathrooms: 1- 7
  • Cost: $1519
  • Capacity: 1,000,000 gallons
  • Flow Rate: 12-20 GPM
  • No. of Bathrooms: 1-4, 4+
  • Cost: $2,003
  • Capacity: 100,000 gallons
  • Flow Rate: 15 GPM
  • No. of Bathrooms: 1-6
  • Cost: $579
  • Capacity: 500,000 to 1,000,000 gallons
  • Flow Rate: 11-15 GPM
  • No. of Bathrooms: 1-6
  • Cost: $2,213
  • Capacity: Carbon media filter will last 5-10 years
  • Flow Rate: 9 to 14 GPM
  • No. of Bathrooms: 1- 7
  • Cost: $750
  • Capacity: 1,000,000 gallons
  • Flow Rate: 7 GPM
  • No. of Bathrooms: 1-3
  • Cost: $999

Our Top Picks

  1. Best for city/tap water: Springwell CF1
  2. Best for well water: SoftPro Iron Master
  3. Runner up for well water: Springwell WS
  4. Best cartridge-based: Home Master 3-stage Filter
  5. Best filter & softener combo: SpringWell 2 in 1 Filter + Softener
  6. Affordable Option: Softpro Carbon by Qualitywatertreatment
  7. Runner up for tap water: Aquasana Rhino EQ-1000

1. SpringWell CF1 Whole House Water – Best for Tap Water

The SpringWell CF1 home water treatment system uses a four-stage filtration process to remove 99.6% of impurities, chlorine, PFOA, PFOS and PFAS in city tap water. With a filtration capacity of 1 million gallons, and bathroom size of 1 – 7, the Springwell CF1 is an all-round quality appliance that will significantly improve your water quality.
For maximum filtration, consider paring this device with a UV water purifier (to remove viruses) or a reverse osmosis system (to remove fluoride).

Here’s a quick breakdown of of how the Springwell CF1 Works:

The first stage of filtration employ the use of a critical designed unit called a flex bed which is responsible for an optimum water contact time so as to enable high filtration and reduced channeling. In the second stage, a type of worry-free filtration device that uses a copper-zinc alloy as the active material helps do away with chlorine, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) as well as herbicides and pesticides, remarkably.

Finally, the culminating catalytic carbon filter media is added, which plays its role by actually eliminating organic components. At the end of the matter, the sediment filter functions to eliminate any other contaminants which may be left such as mud and clay dirt if any were still in the water after the waterproof bag suturing. Intake water will be subjected to different treatment processes that will ensure that the final outlet is clear and has no viruses or bacteria.

Despite the elaborate nature of its cleaner processing and efficiency, the Springwell CF1 does not require much maintenance at all. Once in every six to nine months, you just need to replace the 5-micron filter to keep your system cleaning freshly with it.

The last advantage of the Springwell CF1 family water purification system is that it has only a little impact on your water pressure. It has a 9GPM flow rate that will work well for houses having 1 to 3 bathrooms. For houseowners with lots extra in budget, the Springwell CF1 comes with the luxury of choice: 12 GPM and 17 GPM flow rate for bathrooms ranging from 4-6 and 7 or above, respectively.


What needs mentioning is that the Springwell CF1 does not come without disadvantages. If the product is made of a high-quality material such as metal overall, then the fact that it has plastic-made fittings is downright forget in the first place.

SpringWell CF1
  • Capacity: 1,000,000 gallons
  • Flow Rate: 9 GPM – 20 GPM
  • No. of Bathrooms: 1- 7
  • Cost: $1016


  • Exceptional contaminant removal for cleaner, safer water.
  • High flow rate ensures strong water pressure.
  • Long filter life minimizes maintenance.
  • Eco-friendly, reducing plastic bottle waste.
  • Simple installation and user-friendly design.


  • Plastic fittings

2. – SoftPro Iron Master AIO - Best Well Water System

The SoftPro AIO Iron Master Katalox Water Filter is a generator changing speculations in the water purification space, observably for the well water systems. The USA assembled quality filter is easy to install during installation and can perform well. Now the user reviews from all over the country are maximally positive.

The process eliminates up to 30 PPM of iron as well as of manganese and taste-impairing hydrogen sulfide, ultimately giving us incomparably pure water. AIO technology guarantees chemical free operations and restores the pH to it natural setting, which reaffirms less iron and better tasting water.

The Katalox Technology, equipped with an MnO2 coating with a 10% concentration, which is the greatest in the marketplace, optimally promotes the oxidation and co-precipitation of the contaminants.

The technology outdoes the performance of Birm, Greensand Plus and Manganese Greensand systems and shows a potential for more effective water filtration.

SoftPro Iron Master AIO
  • Capacity: Katalox usually lasts between 5 and 10 years
  • Flow Rate: 5 – 10 GPM
  • No. of Bathrooms: 1- 7
  • Cost: $1519


  • Removes up to 30 PPM iron, 5 PPM hydrogen sulfide, 7 PPM manganese.
  • Easy installation, suitable for beginners.
  • Minimal maintenance with AIO technology.
  • Enhances water quality, neutralizes acidity.
  • Reliable customer support and robust warranties.


  • Does not provide remote app capability.
  • Could be overkill for those that don’t have high contamination of Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide and Manganese from their wells.

3. SpringWell WS – Runner-up for Well Water

Cleaning well water is a complex process if water has sulfur and iron contaminants. Otherwise municipal systems can serve. To mention it, the SpringWell WS could handle the job effectively 99% of the iron and sulfur, making our water smell better and healthier. It is the most effective well water filtration device I have ever used.




Hydrogen sulfide (rotten eggs) is one of the prominent contaminants in secluded wells; it is produced by an anaerobic bacteria that lead to decreased in the level of dissolved oxygen. Treatment by the SpringWell WIS Mechanism is very effective especially where the fluid is mostly contaminated.

With contrast to SpringWell CF1, the main thing is that the Springwell WS is an Air Injection Oxidizing Filter System that uses green sand fusion bed, instead of KDF (reduction/oxidation or redox) as a filter element. The process mandates oxygenation of the air pocket through which hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese become ineffective and the efficiency backwash which leaves out of the bed any kinds of contamination through an Empress Vortech Tank.

The convenience and hassle-free installation that we found helpful both are the other commodities of Springwell WS. With combined smartphone app and on board Bluetooth it was easy to control and make changes as needed such as watering time and percentage of water use.




We makes the SpringWell WS employing parts that are certified by NSF. However, the facility only posted a six-month money back guarantee policy and tanks and valves are individually defined with a lifetime warranty.

Although it is a LOT of money to invest upfront and cheap to run, the single tank design is the reason why operating costs are at a minimum.

SpringWell WS
  • Capacity: 1,000,000 gallons
  • Flow Rate: 12-20 GPM
  • No. of Bathrooms: 1-4, 4+
  • Cost: $2,003


  • The best system for well water
  • Improves orange and black staining problems
  • Eliminates rotten egg sulfur smell
  • No maintenance required
  • No drop in water pressure
  • Well water test kit add-on available


  • Costly investment at the beginning


As for the first thing in the filtering system the multi-gradient depth polypropylene sediment filter is used which is known for its high deflection with purity and is also resistant to bacteria and chemicals. This multi-layered filter consists of 4 layers of protections, ranging from 25 microns up to 1 micron at the core, which works well in terms of performance and three times better as other conventional filters with regard to dirt holding capacity.

It is economical too, as it gives up an average of 6 to 12 months lifecycle and operates in 1 psi pressure drop with 20 gallons of water at a minute.

The remaining stages employ the comprehension and purification of water. In the next stage, a radial flow iron reduction filter for high-flow applications is in the picture. It is compatible with up to 3 ppm of iron and shows no pressure loss conditions, hence, protection from damage of water heaters and pipes is the outcome.

The third stage makes use of the 20 micron sized close flow granular activated carbon filter rated for high flow rate. This type of environmental design takes out chlorine, chemicals and odor worse than it does taste. What is more, the filter runs up to 100,000 gallons and the premium coconut shell carbon is used in there for better contaminants removal.

One of the most important reasons this device deserves attention is that it has the least loss in water pressure as compared to other water systems. We confirmed this when we ran an evaluation test to find the pressure levels. The Home Master is air of pure water drawn out without reducing the water pressure through the faucets.

The other special thing of this filter is that unlike other brands which often waste fresh water when filtering or backwashing, the HomeMaster has zero wastewater which means that it is a good environmental choice.

HomeMaster 3 Stage Whole House Filter
  • Capacity: 100,000 gallons
  • Flow Rate: 15 GPM
  • No. of Bathrooms: 1-3
  • Cost: $579


  • Entry-level 3-stage filtration system designed for well water.
  • Features sediment, iron, and carbon filters for comprehensive purification.
  • Removes up to 95% of VOCs, TOCs, herbicides, pesticides, and iron.
  • Maintains strong water pressure, capable of 15 gallons per minute.
  • Requires less frequent maintenance due to large filter housings and zero waste-water from Backwash cleaning.


  • No backwash required; filters last up to 100,000 gallons depending on water quality.
  • Filter lifespan decreases with higher iron levels and usage; replacement cost over $250.
  • No specific removal rates for hydrogen sulfide and manganese provided.
  • Installation may need professional help or careful adherence to the guide.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty, reasonable for its price range.

5. SpringWell 2 in 1 Filter Combo System (MMV-1)
– Best Water Filter & Softener Combo

The SpringWell 2-in-1Filter +Salt Softener Combo System is a perfect complete water purification and softening system for homeowners who have water problems originating from municipal water supplies including dry skin, limescale, and dull laundry.

Besides this, one advantage of this system is that it combines the work of several water treatment devices and, at the same time, offers a very convenient and an easy-to- apply design solution because of the fact that they are space-saving. Together with its joining together of the features of a whole-house filter and salt-water softener int a single item, it is a great choice for the households that are short on space.


The MMV-1’s multi-stage filter purify water through a removing a various kinds of contaminants, which is the reason why it’s water is cleaner and healthier.


Not complex and time-consuming to install, it is an ideal solution for those who cannot spare hours on end for maintenance and regular repairs.


Its usability is elevated by the definition of BLE that allows for smartphone application enabled setting adjustments and control head monitoring. All that is a good deal is added with the SpringWell’s sturdy lifetime warranty policy, which provides some peace of mind and ensures customer satisfaction.


On the other hand, the homeowners who are interested in installing the water softener should factor water demands and capacity for larger families with very hard water should carefully consider water softener’s capacity.

SpringWell MMV-1
  • Capacity: 500,000 to 1,000,000 gallons
  • Flow Rate: 11-15 GPM
  • No. of Bathrooms: 1-6
  • Cost: $2,213


  • Combines water filtration and softening in one unit, saving space.
  • Multistage filtration removes a wide range of contaminants.
  • Easy installation and minimal maintenance required.
  • Features Bluetooth control for easy monitoring.
  • Includes a robust lifetime warranty for long-term reliability.


  • Not suitable for very hard water or large homes.
  • Lacks overflow protection features.

6. SoftPro Carbon UpFlow Home Water Filtration System: AFFORDABLE OPTION

At the other end of the spectrum, we’ve got the SoftPro Carbon which is a water filtration system just as effective as high-end models but available at a more consumer-friendly price, especially when used with a softener.

Don’t be frightened by its cost: no, it does not mean at all that it is a less quality or the technology is worse in filtration. The SoftPro Carbon water filter, however, is a true up-flow type of system, and it eliminates impurities in the most efficient way possible, thus being more effective than most water filters with down-flow design.

The catalytic carbon media in SoftPro does the filtration process, and it’s always clean and chemical-free and catalytic backwash. The SoftPro Carbon is manufactured with copper and zinc operates the electrochemical process known as oxidation-reduction to remove dissolved contaminants from the water. It includes, interchangeably, impurities, pesticides, heavy metals chlorine, herbicides, and extremely lethal chloramines.

From SoftPro Carbon’s perspective, high flow rates in wastewater filtration are sustained while ensuring that wastewater is minimalized. The filter lasts up to 6 years as a testament to its durability and to the fact that it provides over a million gallons of drinking water in only that period. Hence the carbon fiber will be used in this structure as one virtue is the fact that it is one of the most durable and effective means as well.

On the contrary, this method does not eliminate completely some of the components of water, like the dissolve solids or fluoride present. However, perspiration still cannot offer tasty and odor- free water helpful for health.

SoftPro Carbon
  • Capacity: 600,000 – 1,000,000 gallons
  • Flow Rate: High
  • No. of Bathrooms: 1-3
  • Cost: $847


  • Add-ons available for salt-free conditioner, UV filter, and pro-grade install kit
  • Independently-tested system
  • Removes up to 97% of chlorine present in water
  • Improves your home’s air quality
  • 10-year filter life and 10-year limited warranty


  • Costly (If you include add-ons)
  • Professional installation required for warranty

7. Aquasana Rhino Whole House Filtration System

Whether it is the powerful and robust Rhino or the more compact and sleek Springwell CF1, these whole-house water filters for tap water are both the powerful and reliable options. It is a device that eliminates chlorine to the tune of 97% and it has also been found to minimize the exposure levels of VOCs, mercury, lead, herbicides, and pesticides.

Whether it is the powerful and robust Rhino or the more compact and sleek Springwell CF1, these whole-house water filters for tap water are both the powerful and reliable options. It is a device that eliminates chlorine to the tune of 97% and it has also been found to minimize the exposure levels of VOCs, mercury, lead, herbicides, and pesticides.

The purification process is facilitated by the bacteriostatic medium which is purposely designed to protect water quality and ensures the device functions at the highest performance for a longer period. Absence of bacteria and algae in the system impedes their growth which would otherwise be a detriment to the longevity of the filter.

Whether you have poor taste or salt or hard water being added to your water supply, an Aquasana Rhino Whole House Water Filter guarantees water of the highest quality possible. The filter removes chemicals and contaminants as well as improves the taste.

We really appreciate the way simple it is to fix such proven model like Aquasana Rhino. Another amazing thing about this feature is the fact that it is hardly ever needed, but if anything goes amiss, the process is straightforward and seamless.

PDF form of the Aquasana owners’ manual which can be from the website directly is very comprehensive. The single drawback of the whole scenario is that, even in order to make the warranty valid, professionals have to do the installation for the product.

The initial price point of the Aquasana Rhino filter system may be a little high but it help you save money over before long because of the numerous benefits it provides. To boost the strength of the device, you are able to add-on a salt free water conditioner or a UV filter—with a rise in price as the price of upscale things.

Aquasana Rhino
  • Capacity: 1,000,000 gallons
  • Flow Rate: 7 GPM
  • No. of Bathrooms: 1-3
  • Cost: $999


  • Add-ons available for salt-free conditioner, UV filter, and pro-grade install kit
  • Independently-tested system
  • Removes up to 97% of chlorine present in water
  • Improves your home’s air quality
  • 10-year filter life and 10-year limited warranty


  • Costly (If you include add-ons)
  • Professional installation required for warranty

Buyer’s Guide

Evaluating whole house filters requires a lot of research and data-gathering. Consider the following criteria before making your purchase:
  • NSF Certification
  • Contaminants filtered
  • Home size/number of bathrooms
  • Flow rate
  • Micron ratings
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Price

NSF Certification

The National Sanitation Foundation, an organization that was born in 1944, sets norms for food safety as well as hygiene. According to NSF’s guidelines, water filter brands are familiar with the guidelines and norms of water safety to be followed in the factory as per the given set rules.


These rules, in fact the cleaning practices, promote that food service environment is breakfast clean. This can also signifies products used around the home, sorted into systems purporting to help with water clarifying, softening, and purification.


Consequently, brands that are certified by the NSF have nothing to worry about because their authorities have proven that the claims they make on their products are what the tests have truly shown. Thus, you should confine your research to the products that are NSF certified and meet all tech requirements to guarantee best results.

Contaminant Reduction Capacity

When deciding to buy a whole house filter, you can use this list of the critical contaminants: you want to get rid of at all costs:

  • Impurities
  • Viruses
  • Manganese
  • Sulfur
  • Chlorine
  • Chloramines
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Iron
  • Sodium
  • Dissolved solids
  • Nitrates
  • Bacteria
  • Sediment
  • Dirt

Whether these filters effectively removed the contaminants was what we examined through clogged filters. Also, excluding this small grains from your water not only guarantees better feeling and appearance but would also improve the odor and your health.

System Capacity/House Requirements

Taking into consideration what size home you have, you might want to consider different water filter sizes. In addition, the number or bathrooms will make reuse of water systems can work better or poorer.


The ideal filter for the kind of house you live in would be one that is not just the same size as your house., but reflects your actual consumption.

Water Flow Rate

In case the speed of water filtration is too slow, such disruption might arise from your water flowing too slowly throughout the house. Take care in selecting the filter so that the rate of the indoor tap water output and the water dispenser is compatible.

It is an average shower has a flowrate of about 2.5 to 5 gallons per minute. The dishwashers consume around 5 gallons per minute, as for the toilets they are about 3 GPM. Knowing your flow rate, you determine whether the system you will utilize, is able to cater for the needs.

Filter Micron Ratings

Micron rating is the characteristic of any water purifying appliance that describes the filtration capacity and efficiency:

  • We register the smallest units with a thousandth of a millimeter or a micrometer.
  • The lesser number is the micron better.
  • The biggest difference between the types of filters is the micron rating. Small micron rating filters more but the filter clogs easily.
  • A 5-micron rating does great in removing a lot of debris without getting clogged as soon as the others do.
  • Using more filters at once is an option if you think a filter with a certain micron rating is not good enough.

Maintenance Requirements

Filters for water are oftentimes planned for years. Nevertheless, like any other phenomena in life, perfect maintenance is required to elongate its validity.


You better get a low maintenance water filter system just in case you will have an extended period of using the filter every single day.

System Cost

To be honest, for most of us price is a major issue when we’re buying any item. Whole apartment water filters won’t come off cheap, so you should buy a filter of your choice depending on your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the average price of a whole house filter?

    To buy a whole house one may need from $1,000 to $5000, and you can find the cheapest waters filter for $500.

  2. Where should a whole house filter be installed?

    A whole house water filter should be installed beside or near the primary shut-off valve. It is a point-of-entry system and therefore, should be installed on your main water line. The main water line is often located in the basement, garage or outside the house. If you’re replacing an old water filter system, you can simply remount the new system in its place.

  3. What is the average lifespan of a filter?

    Certain elements within your water filtering setup will need to be replaced once in a while. As a rule of thumb, you should change the filters at least four times during the year, which means every 3 to 6 months.

    He also states that the longer filters will not need to be replaced. “ In most cases, the quoted statement is correct of all new tools that come with high technological features. Combining filtration systems with multi-filter technique means less work on them or maintenance.

    Nonetheless, completely generally, brands suggest the filter’s replacement by this method or that’s mentioned in the instruction manual or during purchase. Actually, the majority of them have filter programs and are willing to pay subscription fees. The first option is to subscribe, with the inclusion of it, you will have a new filter even before old one that is worn out.

    What are the best home water filtration system brands?

  4. ● SpringWell
    ● Soft Pro
    ● Home Master
    ● Aquasana

    These brands have proven to be some of the most effective, efficient, and affordable brands. SpringWell is arguably at the top of the list since its products can provide highly effective filtration processes at reasonable price and low maintenance costs.

  5. Which whole house filter removes the most contaminants?

    The Springwell CF1 whole house water filter has been certified to remove these chemicals at a rate of 99% – PFOS, PFAS, chloramines, chlorine, fluoride, nitrates, and arsenic. For maximum filtration combine the whole home purifier with a reverse osmosis filtration system, which decreases fluorine content by 99%.

  6. How many microns is best for a whole house filter?

    A 5-micron rating is ideal for such goal. Unlike in some the case of a small single filter that may get blocked, hence, a dual filter system will be the best solution to this.