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Water Hardness dH To PPM Conversion Calculator

dH To PPM Conversion Calculator
To identify hard water, conversions from degrees of General Hardness (dGH or dH) to PPM are essential.

To facilitate this, three tools are available: 

  1. dH/dGH to PPM Calculator for direct conversions
  2. dGH to PPM Chart, 
  3. dH Chart water hardness ranges.

dH/dGH To PPM Calculator

Simply the move counter to get the PPm for your dH/dGH.

For a quick conversion using the calculator, inputting 5 dH will instantly give you the equivalent in PPM. Just slide the slider to ‘5’ and we get the result: 5 dH is equal to 89.24 PPM.

dH/dGH To PPM Conversion Chart

dH (degrees of Hardness) or dGH (German Degrees):PPM (Parts Per Million):Rating
0 dH0 PPMSoft
0.1 dH1.78 PPMSoft
0.5 dH8.92 PPMSoft
1.0 dH17.85 PPMSoft
2.0 dH35.70 PPMSoft
3.0 dH53.54 PPMSoft
3.5 dH62.47 PPMModerately Hard Water
4.0 dH71.39 PPMModerately Hard Water
5.0 dH89.24 PPMModerately Hard Water
6.0 dH107.09 PPMModerately Hard Water
6.5 dH116.01 PPMModerately Hard Water
7.0 dH124.94 PPMHard Water
8.0 dH142.78 PPMHard Water
9.0 dH160.63 PPMHard Water
10 dH178.48 PPMHard Water
11 dH196.33 PPMVery Hard Water
15 dH267.72 PPMVery Hard Water
20 dH356.96 PPMVery Hard Water
25 dH446.20 PPMVery Hard Water
28 dH499.74 PPMVery Hard Water

dh Chart Water Hardness Ranges.

For precise water hardness measurements, lab tests are invaluable, offering a thorough breakdown of water composition. TapScore provides expert water analysis services.

Degrees of Hardness (dH)Parts Per Million (PPM)Water Hardness Rating
0 – 3.370-60 PPMSoft Water
3.38 – 6.7461-120 PPMModerately Hard Water
6.75 – 10.11121-180 PPMHard Water
10.12 Or More181+ PPMVery Hard Water

Discovering Your Local Water Hardness

With water hardness affecting many U.S. homes, identifying your area’s level is key. Water hardness charts by state or city and local water authorities provide essential data. Visit this Amazing go-to resource on Water Hardness by state and zip-code

What’s your Water Score?

Discover your Water Score for free and gain comprehensive insights into your drinking water’s quality. Leveraging extensive databases, including the EPA and CDC, this unique system offers detailed reports on water contaminants and hazards. 

The image displays an advertisement for a water quality assessment service, offering a "Water Score" based on EPA and CDC data, evaluating contaminants with an overall grade. The graphic encourages viewers to start their free analysis and receive recommendations.

FAQs for Water Hardness dH To PPM Conversion

1. How do I convert GH to PPM?

To convert General Hardness (GH) to Parts Per Million (PPM), you typically use a factor specific to the minerals measured. Confirm the factor based on your test kit's guidelines.

2. What's the process for converting GH PPM to dGH?

Converting GH measured in PPM to degrees of General Hardness (dGH) involves dividing the PPM value by a specific conversion factor, often provided with your water testing kit.

3. How can I understand water hardness levels in different measurement units?

Refer to a comprehensive water hardness conversion chart that includes various units like PPM, dGH, and GH to interpret water hardness levels effectively.

4. Is there a standard conversion factor for GH to dGH?

Yes, there's a standard conversion factor, but it can vary depending on the specific minerals being measured. Always check the guidelines provided with your testing kit.

5. Can water hardness impact household appliances and how?

Yes, water hardness can scale up in appliances, reducing efficiency and lifespan. It's crucial to know your water hardness level to take preventive measures.

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