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Are you considering getting a water ionizer to enjoy the perks of alkaline water? The internet is flooded with bold assertions about the wonders of alkaline water, with some going to the extreme of claiming it can cure cancer. However, I wouldn’t endorse such extravagant claims. Still, it’s worth noting that drinking alkaline water can offer several benefits.
I’ve delved into this topic extensively in previous articles (check out: “Good or Bad? The Truth behind Alkaline Water Benefits”). Drinking alkaline water isn’t inherently problematic, but there’s a significant issue I have with water ionizer machines – particularly the marketing claims that accompany them.
In this article, I’ll tackle the most egregious claims made about these machines. These claims can range from mild exaggerations to outright falsehoods. Let’s separate fact from fiction.

The Popularity of Alkaline Water:

Tyent UCE 13 Plus FaucetAlkaline water has gained popularity due to claims by some natural health practitioners that maintaining an alkaline body promotes good health and may prevent diseases, including cancer. This has led to increased demand for water ionizers and other alkaline water products.

The Questionable Claims and Dangers:

However, there are several issues and potential dangers associated with the marketing of alkaline water and water ionizer machines:

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  1. No Such Thing as an “Alkaline Body”: Contrary to claims, there is no such thing as an “alkaline body.” Different parts of the human body have varying pH levels. For example, the stomach is acidic (pH of about 4) to aid in digestion, while blood has a pH level of 7.4. The idea of achieving a completely alkaline body is not supported by scientific consensus.
  1. Discrepancies in Expert Opinions: There is a significant disparity of opinions among health experts regarding the benefits of alkaline water and ionizers. Some endorse these products, while others advocate for drinking distilled or filtered water. These discrepancies suggest a lack of conclusive evidence about the true benefits.

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  1. Inadequate Water Filtration: Many alkaline water ionizers do not adequately filter contaminants from tap water. Even machines with filters may not effectively remove all harmful substances. This can result in the production of alkaline water that contains concentrated contaminants, potentially posing health risks.
  1. Unknown Compounds: The ionization process in water ionizers can transform unregulated contaminants, such as pharmaceuticals, into unknown compounds with uncertain health effects.
  1. Digestive Interference: Some research suggests that alkaline ionizers may interfere with digestion by raising the pH in the stomach. This, in turn, prompts the stomach to produce more hydrochloric acid, which can be problematic for individuals with difficulty producing sufficient acid, such as the elderly.

The Importance of Proper Hydration:

Despite the debate over alkaline water, proper hydration remains crucial for overall health. Many people do not consume enough water, leading to chronic dehydration. Regardless of whether the water is alkaline, filtered, or purified, the primary focus should be on drinking an adequate amount of water daily.
In conclusion, while some believe in the potential benefits of alkaline water, there is a lack of consensus among experts, and marketing claims should be approached with caution. Proper hydration with adequately filtered water is key, and the choice between alkaline water and other types of water should be based on individual preferences and needs.
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