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Water2Buy: Your Affordable Water Softener Solution

An Introduction to Water2Buy

Originating from Ireland, Water2Buy has made a significant mark in the water product industry. Across Europe and the UK, the brand stands out for its economical yet efficient water softeners. But what’s the real story behind their cost-effectiveness and reliability?

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The Attraction: Affordability and Efficiency

Despite their attractive price tags, the performance of Water2Buy softeners isn’t compromised. A multitude of genuine customer reviews vouch for their functionality. Moreover, the company ensures customers aren’t left in the lurch post-purchase; they offer comprehensive manuals and installation resources. From illustrative charts to instructive videos, you’re not on your own. Notably, feedback also points toward their commendable customer service.

What You Need to Know Before Diving In

Water2Buy offers diverse models tailored to specific needs. If your household demands a more robust softening solution, there are options with larger capacities, fit for bigger families. However, keep in mind that added features might nudge the price up a bit.
But a key detail to remember? Water2Buy focuses solely on combating hard water. It won’t purify or remove other contaminants. So, if you’re looking to weed out chlorine, fluoride, or bacteria, consider investing in an additional filtration device.

Why So Wallet-Friendly?

You might wonder, how does Water2Buy manage to keep prices low? The answer lies in its design. The W2B200, a particularly popular model, is unpretentious. A compact plastic unit, it’s sized just right to nestle under your kitchen sink without any fuss.

The Installation and Operation Saga

The brand claims you can wear the DIY hat for the installation, provided you’re familiar with the basics of plumbing. Further sweetening the deal, the W2B200 aligns with many heating systems across Europe and the UK. Just ensure it’s close to a power source, considering its electric-salt mechanism.

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The softening cycle is efficient, clocking in at just 30 minutes. The unit is versatile, accepting all forms of softening salt, which can be added effortlessly through its accessible lid.

Water2Buy's Top-Notch Features

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  • Bestseller Status: With unmatched affordability, it’s no surprise the W2B200 is a crowd favorite.
  • Durability: Despite its cost, it’s robust, effectively combating hard water.
  • Quiet Operations: An overlooked feature, but it’s noteworthy that this softener whispers, unlike its louder peers.
  • Compactness: Ideal for homes where space is at a premium.
  • User-friendly: A daily treatment capacity of 1250 liters, it caters to households of up to four members. Plus, the in-built valve allows users to finetune water hardness.

Is Water2Buy the Right Choice for You?

Absolutely. Especially if you’re seeking a solution for limescale buildup and the repercussions of hard water. Customers echo its reliability and robust nature.


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For a price hovering around £400-£500, it’s among the UK’s most cost-effective softeners. Its commendable performance and affordability even earned it the “Amazon’s Choice” accolade for water softeners in the UK.


In essence, if you’re a household of up to four, or you’re pressed for space but don’t want to compromise on water quality, Water2Buy stands out as a smart choice.

Final Thoughts

Water2Buy balances price and performance seamlessly, making it a top pick for many households. Remember, while it’s perfect for addressing hard water, you might want to pair it with a filtration device for a comprehensive water solution. With a 7-year guarantee and an added 30-day warranty, it’s evident that Water2Buy stands confidently behind its product.

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