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Understanding the Need for a Tapworks Softener

At the core of wanting a Tapworks Softener is the universal issue: the need to combat hard water and transform it into soft water. Soft water is devoid of hard minerals – the culprits behind hard water.
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Interestingly, water is naturally soft. Rainwater, for instance, is soft. However, its journey through limestone or chalk, or even through your water company’s treatment processes, can cause it to accumulate minerals from the Earth’s surface. This mineral buildup, especially in regions of eastern England and parts of the US, can lead to various problems like limescale formation.

Hard Water Demystified

Oregon State University defines hard water as water enriched with high mineral concentrations, predominantly calcium, magnesium, and manganese. Consequences? Yellowed garments post washing, limescale deposits around sinks and pipes, drier skin and hair, and compromised water heater efficiency, leading to heightened heating costs. An alarming 85% of American households wrestle with these hard water issues.

The Mechanics of a Water Softener

A water softener might seem like a passive machine, but internally, it’s bustling with activity. The real magic happens in the resin, a sandy substance saturated with sodium ions bearing positive charges. As hard water courses through this resin, it swaps its calcium and magnesium ions for the resin’s sodium ions, explaining the softener’s need for salt. During its regeneration phase, a brine solution rinses the resin, replenishing the sodium ions and flushing away the minerals. Modern softeners manage this entire process autonomously, but older versions might require manual intervention. The silver lining? Typically, you’d only need to replenish salt every 6-8 weeks.
Inside A Water Softener

Reviewing the Tapworks AD11 Softener

Tapworks is no one-trick pony; it boasts a diverse range of water softeners tailored to varied needs:

EasyFlow Domestic Water Softeners:

  • Ultra 9: Designed for up to 5 users.
  • Tapworks AD11: Catering to up to 7 users, it’s their flagship model.
  • Infinity: Serves up to 9 users.

Large Home Water Softener:

  • Tapworks NSC40UD1: Suitable for large families or 9+ users.
  • Commercial Water Softeners: Ideal for business or light industrial settings.
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TAPWORKS AD11: An In–Depth Review

The Tapworks AD11 is leading the charts when it comes to water softeners from Tapworks. With its substantial capacity and impressive volume flow suited for non-vented systems, it’s easy to see why. Additionally, it houses advanced chip technology, ensuring optimal efficiency and saving users both time and finances.

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Further adding to its merits, Tapworks highlights that the AD11’s efficiency translates to lower CO2 emissions. This is credited to its smart technology that accurately gauges and adjusts water consumption based on user requirements. User-friendliness is central to Tapworks’ design, manifested in:

  • Straightforward controls.
  • A hassle-free installation and maintenance process.
  • A robust salt storage compartment.

TAPWORKS AD11 or FLECK 5600SXT: Which Takes the Cake?

In terms of sales and public appreciation, Fleck is undeniably a market leader. A cursory glance at Amazon reviews underscores its dominance in sales and positive feedback.
However, while Tapworks does craft commendable water softeners, their online presence, especially for those outside Europe, leaves much to be desired. Contrastingly, Fleck softeners are not just a click away on Amazon but come with benefits like free shipping, professional installation, and old machine disposal.
Additionally, Amazon’s robust return policy gives users an added layer of assurance. So, when shopping online, Fleck has a definite edge.

The Case for TAPWORKS AD11 in the UK

For UK residents, the scenario is a tad different. Fleck, although commendable, is pricier and somewhat elusive in the UK market. Moreover, Amazon’s plumbing services are currently unavailable to UK patrons.
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Given these circumstances, the AD11 emerges as a preferable choice for the UK demographic. Reasons being:

  • Hard Water Handling: The AD11 is adept at softening even extremely hard water, making it ideal for a family of 2-4. For larger households, alternatives like BWT WS355 can be explored.
  • Installation & Maintenance: With a plethora of online resources, even someone with rudimentary plumbing know-how can install and upkeep the AD11.
  • Value for Money: Starting at a competitive £430, the AD11 offers substantial savings compared to other brands typically priced around £650.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Designed to be self-sufficient, Tapworks models require minimal intervention.
  • Economical Operation: Thanks to their design that prioritizes water conservation, running costs are noticeably lower.
  •  Popularity in the UK: Being one of the sought-after models in the UK, ample online resources, troubleshooting guides, and manuals are easily accessible.
  • Added Perks: Every purchase is complemented with a comprehensive installation kit.
In sum, for those based in the UK, the Tapworks AD11 is not just a water softener; it’s a holistic solution that marries efficiency with economy.

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