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Do Not Buy An Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Untill You Read This

The Eddy electronic water descaler is marketed as a solution to hard water problems, but in reality, is not a water softener. There’s no reduction in the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) – the measure of combined content of all inorganic and organic substances contained in a liquid. Instead, it uses electromagnetism to change how water reacts with pipes and equipment to reduce limescale formation. However, both good and bad minerals remain in the water.

Pros of the Eddy Water Descaler:


  1. Utilizes a magnetic field to address hard water issues.
  2. It’s more affordable than traditional water softeners.
  3. No need for replacement filters or softener salt.
  4. Eco-friendly with no waste production.
  5. Low maintenance and easy installation.
  6. Comes with a lifetime warranty.


  1. It’s not a true water softening system; it doesn’t create soft water.
  2. It can’t be installed outdoors as it’s not waterproof.
  3. It doesn’t filter the water or change its pH.
  4. Mixed reviews on its effectiveness in treating hard water.

Mechanism of Eddy Water Descaler


The Eddy Water Descaler operates uniquely, differing substantially from traditional water softeners. It’s an electronic device that employs electromagnetic waves to mitigate the effects of hard water. The system encircles the plumbing with spools, transmitting a magnetic field into the inflowing water to deter limescale accumulation. Eddy operates on a mere 5 watts of power, marking a significant energy efficiency given the typical 40-watt consumption of a standard light bulb.

What It Doesn't Do:

Interestingly, the Eddy Water Descaler doesn’t actually eliminate anything from the water. There’s no reduction in the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) – the measure of combined content of all inorganic and organic substances contained in a liquid. It’s not extracting or adding any elements; calcium, magnesium, and other minerals remain untouched. This implies that while the water undergoes a transformation in its behaviour towards pipes and appliances due to the electromagnetic process, its fundamental composition remains unaltered.


optimum descalerFor consumers, understanding this aspect is pivotal. The Eddy isn’t a water softener in the traditional sense, nor does it act as a filter. Its role is predominantly preventive; it curtails limescale build-up but doesn’t extract the hard minerals that instigate water hardness. It’s an intervention that’s ecological and energy-efficient, requiring minimal maintenance while delivering a semblance of softened water without actually altering the water’s chemical composition.

User Feedback

The mixed reviews received by Eddy highlight the disparity in user expectations and the actual performance of the device. While some appreciate its low maintenance and eco-friendly approach, others find its effectiveness lacking compared to traditional softeners.

The Set Contents and Installation

The package is straightforward, containing the Eddy water descaler, cables, and power supply. The installation is user-friendly; however, it comes with a caveat – it must be installed indoors. This limitation can be a deal-breaker for homeowners with specific installation requirements. The lifetime repair/replacement guarantee and 12-month money-back guarantee underscore the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s durability and longevity.

Installation Ease

One of the noteworthy attributes of the Eddy Water Descaler is its easy installation. A 12-minute video provides a straightforward guide to installing the device. No need for professional plumbers or intricate plumbing alterations – it’s a DIY task.

Real-Time Performance

After two weeks of use, users have reported a noticeable change in water spots – they become “softer” and less prevalent. However, it’s essential to underscore that Eddy doesn’t claim to combat iron stains, an issue that persisted in users’ experiences.
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Affordability and Eco-Friendliness

Eddy stands out for its affordability, zero reliance on salt, and minimal maintenance. It is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t contribute to environmental pollution through salt discharge. However, its capability to address hard water issues remains a topic of debate.

The Eddy Experience

The device employs electromagnetic waves to alter the behavior of hard minerals, making them less likely to cause limescale build-up. While it doesn’t remove these minerals, it aims to mitigate their adverse effects. Yet, its effectiveness is subjective and varies among users.

Hard Water Levels - A Deciding Factor

aqua simply soft 1For those grappling with hard water levels over 25 PPM, a traditional water softener is often the recommended route to combat limescale and white stains effectively. In contrast, for hard water levels up to 25 PPM, considering a water descaler or conditioner like Eddy could be a viable option.

Exploring Alternatives

While Eddy offers a budget-friendly and easy-to-install option, there are alternatives worth considering for those seeking more comprehensive solutions. Aquasana’s range of salt-free softeners, including the SimplySoft Whole House and Aquasana Rhino Gallon, offers enhanced performance, albeit at a higher price point.

In Conclusion

The Eddy Water Descaler is an option for those on a tight budget and looking for an eco-friendly solution to moderate hard water issues. However, its effectiveness is not universal, and potential buyers should consider their specific water hardness levels and desired outcomes before making a choice. Aquasana emerges as an alternative for those seeking more robust solutions to hard water problems.
Aquasana SimplySoft Water Conditioner and 10-Year, 1,000,000 Gallon Whole House FilterAquasana SimplySoft Conditioner and OptimH20 Whole House Filter
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"Evaluating Aquasana Water Conditioners: Are They a Worthy Investment?"

Yes, Aquasana’s salt-free water conditioners are a valuable investment. These systems, though not technically “softeners” since they don’t use salt, are adept at conditioning water to reduce scale build-up. Aquasana Rhino and SimplySoft not only condition water but also filter contaminants, making it safe to drink – a unique feature not typically associated with standard softeners. In terms of cost-efficiency and multi-functionality, particularly with the 10-year Rhino, Aquasana proves to be a viable option for comprehensive water treatment.

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