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Navigating the World of Small Water Softeners

Pondering about getting a small water softener? Perfect for those with limited space, these compact systems offer both efficiency and longevity.

A Closer Look at Small Water Softeners

salt free water softener 1 jpgChoosing a compact water softener is a smart move when you’re short on space. While they may cost a little more upfront compared to their larger counterparts, they often prove to be the most economical option over a decade. These petite powerhouses boast low salt consumption and are known for their stellar performance and durability, with an impressive average lifespan of 20 years for a family of four.

Let’s explore two popular small water softeners to find the right fit for your needs.

On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT-Portable 16,000 Grain RV Water Softener

This tiny titan isn’t just for homes – it’s portable enough for RVs and caravans too. Although it might be too compact for larger living spaces, it holds its own in terms of efficiency and convenience.

Detailed Pros:

  1. Adaptability for Nomads: This softener is designed not only for stationary homes but is also a perfect companion for mobile living spaces like RVs and caravans. For those who love traveling without compromising on the quality of water, this model offers mobility without any hassle.
  2. High Efficiency: Despite its small size, it delivers 40% more soft water than several other compact models. This means that even within its small framework, it packs in a performance that’s hard to match.
  3. Swift Regeneration: With the capacity to regenerate using just two boxes of table salt in under 30 minutes, this softener ensures that you have a consistent supply of soft water. This is especially crucial for those on the move, ensuring no long waiting times.
  4. User-Friendly Connections: Designed with practicality in mind, this model can be seamlessly connected using a standard garden hose. This makes it easy for anyone to set up, without the need for specialized tools or connections.
  5. Tool-Free, Power-Free Operation: Its tool-free setup and the fact that it doesn’t require any external power source ensures that you can set it up anywhere, anytime. Plus, the compact design (22″ high x 9.50″ in diameter) means storing it is a breeze, be it in an RV storage compartment or a dockside locker.
  6. Enhanced Features: The softener is replete with features tailored for the user’s convenience. The easy-to-carry top handle makes transportation simpler. The large mouth opening ensures that adding salt isn’t a chore. Additionally, the inclusion of a high-quality resin ensures longevity and efficient softening.


  • Could be too small for apartments or condos.

ABCwaters Built Compact Fleck 5600SXT – A Household Favorite

Stepping up the game, this model combines the compact design with the functionality needed for a home setting. It takes the hassle out of manual regeneration, making it a set-and-forget system.

Detailed Pros:

  1. Automatic Regeneration: One of its standout features is the automated regeneration process. This ensures that soft water is always on standby, without the need for manual intervention. It takes the guesswork out of the equation, offering convenience especially for those not too tech-savvy.
  2. Compact with a Punch: Despite its small stature, this softener doesn’t skimp on performance. It offers a comprehensive solution for households, ensuring that the size doesn’t compromise the quality of water delivered.
  3. Durability Guaranteed: Constructed with robust materials, this softener is built to last. With a valve that comes with a 5-year guarantee, users can be assured of its long-term performance and durability.
  4. All-Inclusive Installation Kit: It arrives with a kit that includes everything from disinfectant packets to installation instructions. This not only ensures a smooth setup process but also that you have all tools at your disposal for optimal performance.
  5. Space Saver: Its design is especially tailored for homes where space is at a premium. Whether it’s under the sink or in a small utility closet, its compact design ensures it doesn’t become an eyesore or take up unnecessary space.
  6. Automatic and Manual Regeneration Options: While it does offer an automated regeneration option, for those who prefer a hands-on approach, there’s also the option for manual regeneration. This flexibility ensures that it caters to a wide array of user preferences.
  7. High Performance Resin: The inclusion of a high-performance resin ensures efficient water softening. With a softening capacity of 16,000 grains, it’s evident that this model doesn’t compromise performance for size.


  • Proper settings need to be worked out for optimal performance.

Making the Choice

If a small, efficient, and cost-effective water softening solution is what you’re after, these compact models are worth considering. The On The Go softener is an excellent choice for those constantly on the move, while the ABCwaters Built Compact Fleck stands out for homeowners looking for a small yet powerful system.
Though initially a tad more expensive, the long-term benefits and savings offered by these small water softeners make them a worthwhile investment. Their compact size, efficiency, and convenience make them a popular choice among those looking to combat the issues of hard water without sacrificing too much space.
So, if you’re in a battle with space and hard water, a compact water softener like the ABCwaters Built Compact, based on the acclaimed Fleck model, could be your knight in shining armor. Their size makes them versatile for installation, and their efficiency ensures that you’re not constantly fumbling with maintenance. Each model is a win in the world of water softening, offering a blend of convenience, efficiency, and effectiveness. Happy hydrating!

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