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City Sewers


The impact of spills

Spills and the conditions that lead to them can have health and financial impacts on our neighborhoods and on the City as a whole. The City needs the public’s help in reducing sewer spills.

Your home, business, and neighborhood

As a sewer becomes blocked, trapped sewage and food particles often attract insects and other vermin and may create potential health hazards. Do your part by controlling fats, oil, grease, and tree roots to protect your neighborhood.
Property damage can result from sewage backups. This can result in expensive cleanups and plumbing. repairs that may have to be paid for by you.
Business owners may be subject to health code violations or closures.

The Environment

If sewage overflows onto streets, it enters the storm drain system, where the untreated sewage is then carried to our local beaches, creating a health risk for swimmers, threatening marine life, and causing beach closures.

The City

Sewer blockages and overflows lead to excessive and costly emergency maintenance and can result in severe fines from regulatory agencies.