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Is "Blk" Water the Real Deal or Just a Trendy Beverage?

Ah, the world has thrown yet another curveball our way. Imagine glancing at a glass expecting the crisp, clear sight of water, only to be met with something resembling cola. Enter “Blk” water – a unique concoction backed by the Manzos, those very faces you might recall from ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’.

51RBzfARAHL 1Why, you ask, would water be black? It’s not a reboot of the classic thirst-quencher. It’s being touted as an upgraded version – water with a boost of minerals and nutrients, so potent it’s taken on a dark hue.

However, the buzz doesn’t end with its color. Its cameo in the Emmy Prize gift bag speaks to its growing popularity. But one wonders: is it health or just hype?

Blk Water Unmasked

21HfnNbld3LAt the heart of Blk water’s mystique is its incorporation of fulvic and humic acids, common components in our environment, particularly in soil and sediments. But here’s the crux: do we actually need these acids in our system? Not quite. They don’t amplify the inherent nutritional benefits of drinking water.

A Deeper Dive into Blk

Despite its murkiness, don’t mistake Blk for a murky puddle. It credits its tint to fulvic and humic acids, originating from the natural breakdown of organic matter. Its makers label it a harmonious blend of nature and science, finding favor among health buffs and the glitterati alike, undoubtedly influenced by its reality TV endorsements.

Heart Water 102x300 1Is it genuinely alkaline? Indeed, it is. But the discoloration, stemming from the additional acids, doesn’t exactly scream ‘refreshing’ to everyone. However, its defenders champion its purported pH-balancing qualities for the body, though this claim has its skeptics.

What's the Damage to Your Wallet?

Ready to invest in this bottled enigma? A pack of 24, 16.9-ounce bottles goes for roughly $40, while individual bottles hover between $4 and $7.

The Taste Test

The consensus on the internet is split. Some swear it’s just like regular water, with a touch of an “earthy” aftertaste. Others find it clean and pure. Ultimately, the palate is personal, and there’s only one way to truly decide – a sip test.

Experts Weigh In

Dr. Christine Gerbstadt, M.D., and acclaimed author, offers some food for thought:


  1. Opt for a herbal diet, and you’ll get the phytonutrients Blk claims to have, plus the bonus of soluble and insoluble fiber.
  2. Looking for a nutritional silver bullet? There isn’t one. Real food trumps all in delivering nutrients to your cells.
  3. Adding acids doesn’t magically supercharge water’s nutritional value.
  4. Humans don’t inherently need the fluvic or humic acids that Blk boasts of.

My Verdict on Blk Water

If curiosity and disposable income drive you, Blk water might be a fun experience. The bottled water market, valued at a whopping $500 million in 2013, continues to surge with myriad brands vying for attention. Blk has cleverly carved its niche in this booming sector.
While its health claims might be on shaky ground, there’s no denying it’s a pure, natural water variant. If you’re scouting for a refreshing drink sans the sugars, sweeteners, or any artificial additives, Blk water won’t let you down. Just remember, your trusty kitchen tap serves up hydration just as well!

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