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Choosing a Reliable Distilled Water Brand: The Insider's Guide

Navigating the waters (pun intended) of distilled water brands can be tricky. In today’s world, just because a bottle says “distilled” doesn’t guarantee its authenticity. Thus, understanding how to sift through trustworthy brands has never been more crucial.

The Crux of the Matter

AquaTru White BackgroundIn the U.S., distilled water consumption stands at a whopping 45 liters per person. The landscape is teeming with brands vying to quench this thirst, each trying to offer better options than their competitors. By the end of this piece, you’ll be equipped to discern the most reliable brand for you and your loved ones.

The Head-to-Head: AquaTru vs. Berkey Water Filter

When it comes to top players in the industry, AquaTru and Berkey are hard to overlook. Here’s a comparative glimpse:
AquaTru White BackgroundProPur Berkey Looking Water Filter System e1589478044321

  • Arsenic: Approx. 90% (unspecified).

  • Fluoride by 91.8% (WITHOUT extra filters).

  • Lead 97.5%

  • Benzene 99.9%

  • Chlorine 96.6%

  • Cysts 99.99%

  • Arsenic by 99.9%

  • Fluoride by 99.9%

  • Lead 97.5%

  • Benzene 99.8%

Available in 1-size only. Available in various sizes.
Plastic materials. Metal & plastic materials.
Number of filters: 3 Number of filters: 2 - 4
Filter methods: Mechanical, Reverse Osmosis & Activated Carbon filters. Filter methods: Black microporous-filters & white fluoride Filters
4-stage filter process. 2-stage filter process.
Holds a maximum water capacity of 3-quarts.2.25 Gallons
45.7 x 45.7 x 38.1 cm 19" High x 8.5" Diameter
System: 1 year limited warranty.Filters: 2 years; System: 1 year.
Check Price Now Button 1Check Price Now Button 1

So, Why Distilled?

AquaTru Countertop 212x300 1Well, distilled water is celebrated for its unmatched purity, making it a favorite in settings like factories and hospitals. Yet, it’s worth noting that the distillation process can sometimes yield water with a “flat” taste due to the removal of natural minerals. Nonetheless, some claim that drinking distilled water aids in detoxifying the body.

Rising Stars in the Distilled Water Domain

1. Waterwise

For over three and a half decades, the family-owned US water company, Waterwise, has been serving its customers with a personal touch. Their confidence in product quality is evident from their exceptional 100-day exchange or refund guarantee.


The Waterwise 8800 stands out in their product line. Operating it is as straightforward as using a kettle; fill the stainless steel boiler, hit the start, and you’re good to go.


  • Its electronic monitor allows for overnight programming so your morning beverages are ready.
  • It’s both portable and programmable, great for travelers.
  • Like all Waterwise distillers, the 8800 uses steam distillation paired with carbon sequestration, ensuring pure water.
  • The LCD on the electronic monitor will remind you to change filters.
  • Production Capacity: 6 gallons daily.

What's Inside

  • 6 Gallons (22.7 liters) production capacity
  • The distiller, Collector/Carafe, and a Carbon Filter.


  • W: 15.4″, H: 15″, D: 10.5″ 

  • Electrical Specs: 120VAC/60Hz 800W 

  • Weight: 14.3 Lbs.

2. Aquanui

AquaNui distillers, known for their durability, come highly recommended by users.

The most affordable model, the AquaNui CT, yields about 0.8 gallons per cycle. This model is suitable for homes with 1-2 occupants or for use in apartments and RVs. Bigger families can consider the AquaNui 8G or 10G.

Key Points

  • Designed for countertop use.
  • Manual fill system.
  • Option for steam sterilization.
  • Package includes 1 glass jar.
  • No setup needed and simple to upkeep.
  • Warranty: 15 years for stainless steel components, 2 years for other parts.
3144KElKmeL e1694762035805

3. H2O Labs Automatic Water Distillation System

H2oLabs, a renowned water processing company, offers top-tier distillation products. Their automatic water distillation system is especially notable, with an output of up to 8 gallons and an additional 6 gallons on standby.

How It Operates

  • The model 1000 is user-friendly.
  • Weekly draining of the boiling chamber keeps it efficient and reduces cleaning frequency.

Special Features

  • High capacity: 8 gallons daily with 6 gallons in reserve.
  • Energy efficient with advanced distillation.
  • Constructed with 18-8 stainless steel.
  • Automatic filling, distillation, and shutdown features.
  • Pre-filter and post-distillation activated carbon filter included.
  • Ideal for businesses or larger households.


  • Output: 8 Gallons daily;
  • Storage: 6 Gallons.
    Size: W: 18″, D: 18.5″, H: 12″
    Weight: 33 lbs.
  • Power: 120V, 60Hz, 850 W;
  • Material: Grade 304 stainless steel.

4. Stream Pure

SteamPure’s Countertop Water Distiller, designed and produced in the US, is compact and portable. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, it can serve as a backup at home or be used during travel.

Steam pure 110V Countertop Water Distiller

41ahls1pUKL e1694762541135

  • Entirely stainless steel.
  • Countertop design.
  • Equipped with steam sterilization.
  • Resumes operation post-power interruptions.
  • VOC filtration with a glass filter.
  • American-made.


  • H: 13 inches, W: 9.5 inches, D: 11 inches.
  • Weight: 18 lbs.
  • Distillation: 3 liters every 4.5 hours.
  • Electrical: 700 Watts, 5.8 Amps.

5. Mini Classic

The Mini-Classic CT from Pure Water is among the top choices for distilled water. This compact countertop distiller delivers premium distilled water from almost any source.

Pure Water Mini-Classic CT Counter Top Distiller

  • Delivers high-quality distilled water consistently.
  • Convenient countertop design.
  • BPA-free: distilled water doesn’t touch plastic.
  • User-friendly operation.
  • Proudly American-made.

Final Pour

While Pure Water Mini-Classic CT has garnered rave reviews for user-friendliness, every brand listed here promises cleaner and purer water than what pours out of your tap.

AquaTru White Background 213x300 1Yet, when you boil it all down (yes, another water pun!), the essence is this: water’s essence remains unchanged. What truly matters is ensuring that what you consume is the finest, purest version. While all these brands are commendable, my personal filtration device of choice is AquaTru. Their approach combines the efficacy of reverse osmosis with precision, and their smart TDS monitoring only adds to the appeal.

Remember, you’re not just choosing a brand, but making a decision for your health. Choose wisely!

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