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The Environmental and Health Impacts of Bottled Water: A Deep Dive

In a world where the environmental cost of our actions is becoming increasingly evident, bottled water continues to be a controversial topic. Although there’s no denying the convenience of grabbing a cold bottle of water on-the-go, there are pressing concerns about its impact on our health and the environment.

The Inescapable Environmental Concern of Bottled Water

It is undeniable: every bottle of water contributes to environmental degradation. From the production of plastic to the discarding of empty bottles, the environmental footprint is vast. Furthermore, the potential leaching of BPA from plastics is a topic of widespread discussion and concern.
Yet, despite countless advocates highlighting these issues, there remains a stubborn demand for bottled water. But why is brand preference so strong? Isn’t all water fundamentally the same? For many, the nuances in taste, mineral content, and even branding play a significant role.

A Critical Examination of Popular Bottled Waters

1. Store Brand Bottled Water (3/10):

AquaTru FiltersOften the most economical choice, store brand waters may lack added minerals or vitamins found in more established brands. Their filtration methods might be obscure, potentially leading to contaminant concerns.

2. Propel (3/10):

This brand has been criticized for its slightly salty and metallic aroma. Its texture and taste are reminiscent of Gatorade, a strange association for bottled water.

3. Iceberg (5/10):

While Iceberg provides a neutral and unflavored water experience, there’s a faint mineral aftertaste some may find off-putting.

4. Dasani (5/10):

Dasani has divided opinion, with some finding its scent and taste unappealing, likening it to sulfates mixed with wine. However, it’s worth noting that many still enjoy Dasani.

5. Aquafina (5.4/10):

Acidity levels in Aquafina have raised eyebrows. Although drinkable, alkaline water is considered superior. Aquafina does quench thirst, making it a reasonable choice if no alternatives are available.

6. Nałęczowianka (5.9/10):

This brand possesses a distinctive, rocky road-like smell. Despite its slightly salty profile, it remains refreshing.

Considering Tap Water

Despite the array of bottled options, tap water remains the most consumed water type. However, potential contaminants and acidity, especially from old plumbing, are concerns. Nevertheless, the primary goal is hydration, regardless of the water source.

The Finest Bottled Waters: Are They Worth It?

AquaTru Coke WaterWhile some bottled waters like Mountain Valley Spring Water, Voss, Evian, and Fiji receive commendations, it’s essential to remember that bottled water is neither eco-friendly nor particularly health-conscious. Countertop water filters present a compelling alternative.

Countertop Water Filters: A Sustainable Alternative

AquaTru and Berkey are two renowned water filters on the market. They offer impressive filtration capabilities:

  • Arsenic: ~90% filtration.
  • Fluoride: 91.8% (no extra filters needed).
  • Offers: a 4-stage filter process.
  • Compact size: 45.7 x 45.7 x 38.1 cm.
  • Arsenic: 99.9% filtration (requires special filters).
  • Fluoride: 99.9% (with special filters).
  • Comes in various sizes.
  • Materials: Metal & Plastic.
While the initial cost for these filters may be high, they offer a long-term, sustainable, and healthier solution compared to bottled water.
AquaTru White BackgroundProPur Berkey Looking Water Filter System e1589478044321

  • Arsenic: Approx. 90% (unspecified).

  • Fluoride by 91.8% (WITHOUT extra filters).

  • Lead 97.5%

  • Benzene 99.9%

  • Chlorine 96.6%

  • Cysts 99.99%

  • Arsenic by 99.9%

  • Fluoride by 99.9%

  • Lead 97.5%

  • Benzene 99.8%

Available in 1-size only.Available in various sizes.
Plastic materials.Metal & plastic materials.
Number of filters: 3Number of filters: 2 - 4
Filter methods: Mechanical, Reverse Osmosis & Activated Carbon filters.Filter methods: Black microporous-filters & white fluoride Filters
4-stage filter process.2-stage filter process.
Holds a maximum water capacity of 3-quarts.2.25 Gallons
45.7 x 45.7 x 38.1 cm19" High x 8.5" Diameter
System: 1 year limited warranty.Filters: 2 years; System: 1 year.
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The Pinnacle of Filtration: Turning the Unthinkable into Pure Water

Devices like AquaTru demonstrate the sheer power of modern filtration. This device can turn substances as diverse as milk, CocaCola, and even tomato sauce into pure, drinkable water. Despite the hefty upfront cost, investing in such a device is a money-saver in the long run.

Conclusion: Rethink Your Water Choices

In a world grappling with environmental issues and health concerns, it’s vital to make informed decisions. It’s high time we rethink our water choices, considering both our health and the planet’s well-being.

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