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Why Water Matters: The Importance of Staying Hydrated

ACE 13 counter top 300x183 1In an era of nonstop innovation, even the basic necessities like water aren’t immune. Walk into a cafe in downtown Manhattan, and alongside the expected list of espressos and cold brews, you might find a new, pricier offering: Hydrogen Water. But what’s behind this expensive sip?

So, What Exactly is Hydrogen Water?

Basics for the Uninitiated: If H2O is the golden standard, some are now arguing that adding more “H”, or hydrogen, makes it even better. Think of it like the iPhone upgrade of the water world. More features, higher price.

The Cost of Modern Hydration: Five times the price of your average bottled water, to be precise. That’s like choosing between a coffee and a full meal.

The DIY Solution: Now, just like making your coffee at home to save some bucks, there’s an alternative for the hydrogen water enthusiasts. Type “hydrogen water maker” on Google, and voila! Machines that turn your regular tap into this fancy beverage. But hold onto your wallets, these gadgets can set you back by thousands.

The Potential Fountain of Youth?

Tyent ACE 13 PlatesTall Claims: The buzz isn’t just about the hydrogen. It’s about the alleged health benefits. Some say it’s the equivalent of discovering a fountain of youth. It’s credited for inflammation reduction, energy boosts, and a lot more.

The Science Behind the Hype:

 Powerful Antioxidant: It’s pitched as the antidote to harmful oxidation. In layman’s terms, it’s fighting off the body’s rust.

The Inflammation Fighter: Studies from institutes like the Forsyth Institute in Boston point to its potential in relieving inflammation.

Metabolic Boost: For those watching their sugar, it might offer some benefits, improving fat and glucose metabolism.

Liver’s Best Friend: High cholesterol? This might help.

Bone and Muscle Advocate: Just like a gym membership for your cells.

Hydrogen Water vs. Its Alkaline Cousin

Tyent UCE 13 Plus Faucet 150x150 1Hydrogen Water: Simply put, it’s water with added hydrogen gas. Benefits range from reducing oxidative stress (think of it as cell aging) to promoting better circulation.

Alkaline Water: It’s about pH levels. The claim here is that by being less acidic, it offers health benefits.

Inside the Guts of the Hydrogen Water Maker

It’s not just another gadget—it’s a symbol of our unending quest for better health and the lengths we’ll go to achieve it.

Lourdes Hydrogen Water Generator


  • Function Over Form: Beneath the sleek design of the Lourdes Hydrogen Water Generator lies a culmination of science and engineering. This isn’t merely about infusing bubbles into water. This is about ensuring that every sip offers more than just hydration.


  • The Mechanics: At its heart, the Lourdes employs a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) and an SPE (Solid Polymer Electrolyte). To simplify, this technology essentially splits hydrogen and oxygen, ensuring you receive water rich in dissolved hydrogen without the pesky interference of chlorine or other oxides.

  • Metrics Matter: With a pH level hovering around 7.2 (which is slightly alkaline to neutral), and dissolved hydrogen ranging between 0.8 to 1.2 ppm, the Lourdes doesn’t just promise hydrogen-infused water—it delivers it with precision.

Crunching the Numbers: The Hydrogen Water Machine Price Tag

Tyent UCE 11In the water market’s expansive universe, the hydrogen water maker is the shiny new spaceship. But just like any advanced piece of tech, there’s a catch.

Affordable or Astronomical? If you’ve got the money and the curiosity, diving into this hydrogen infused journey might be tempting. These machines are not for the fainthearted. A notable contender in this space is the Lourdes hydrogen water generator, which sits at the higher end of the price spectrum. But it’s much like buying a luxury car—sometimes, you’re also paying for the brand name and the trust that comes with it.

Hydrogen Water Side Effects: Too Good to Be True?

Every new trend, especially in the health and wellness sector, faces scrutiny. As it should. We’ve seen fads come and go, some with alarming side effects.


Current Verdict: Presently, the coast seems clear. As long as the water’s source is untainted, hydrogen water appears to be just as harmless as its regular counterpart. And if we’re to believe the growing chorus of its advocates, it’s laden with benefits.


Caveat Emptor: But here’s the Lewis pointer – always approach with a blend of curiosity and caution. While the detrimental side effects seem nonexistent now, comprehensive, long term studies are still in the pipeline.

The Big Picture

In the vast ecosystem of beverages, water – humble, transparent, and essential – has managed an impressive evolution. It’s no longer just about quenching thirst. It’s about potential health dividends, societal status, and sometimes, just the sheer thrill of trying the new kid on the block.


Will hydrogen water stand the test of time, or will it be archived as yet another fleeting trend? For now, as glasses clink filled with this bubbly concoction, the world watches, sips, and wonders.

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