The Weighty Issue of Water: An Alkaline Solution?

In the bustling markets of weight loss remedies, we often overlook the basic liquid element that constitutes over 60% of our bodies. Water. But not just any water – alkaline water.

Setting the Scene:

Water, an age-old drink. Who would’ve thought that its pH level could be at the epicenter of our weight woes?

Understanding Our Bodies:

Water Composition: A significant 60% of our body is water. This isn’t just restricted to our bloodstream, but is found in the brain, digestive tract, and even our excretory organs. 

PH Balance Disruption: A hydrated body means a rhythmically balanced pH. The moment we’re dehydrated, this balance is thrown off kilter. 

Toxins & Their Misdirection: Dehydration could reroute toxins. The liver’s unwanted guests might detour to the kidneys, possibly resulting in ailments like type 2 diabetes and obesity.

The Acidic Problem:

Modern Beverage Menace: Daily drinks are more acidic than our body can handle. Obesity, you may not realize, might just have a pH component to it.

Carbonated Culprits: Drinks like sodas do more harm than just increasing acidity. They dehydrate vital organs, affecting their functionality.

Alkaline Water to the Rescue:

Japanese Study Insights: A recent study from Japan showcased how drinking water, especially on an empty stomach, can boost metabolic rates. This implies improved nutrient assimilation and effective toxin elimination. 

Weight Loss Stats: A 2011 study drew a fascinating correlation between drinking alkaline water and weight loss. Consuming 2 liters of this water daily over 2 months might help shed approximately 12 pounds. 

The China Study: An even more extensive study in China encompassing over 5,000 subjects drew a link between alkaline ionized water and its potential fat-burning properties

The Science Behind the Water:

For decades, the medical world acknowledged the role of adequate hydration in cognitive function. But recent technologies provide deeper insights.

Maximizing Alkaline Water Benefits:

1. Eliminate Acidic Intake:

  • Avoid sugar-laden drinks, caffeine, carbonated beverages, and most juices. 
  • Adopting this lifestyle change could be revolutionary for childhood obesity rates.

2. Boost the Immune System:

  • A body in an alkaline state fosters a fortified immune system.

3. Antioxidant Powerhouse:

  • Alkaline water acts as a shield against damaging free radicals.

4. Hydration Proficiency:

  • Due to its lower molecular weight, alkaline water ensures effective hydration.

5. Detoxification:

  • Water is the cornerstone of detoxification. But with alkaline water, the process is more efficient.

6. Balancing pH Levels:

  • Neutralizing acidity, alkaline water combats the hazards of an average modern diet.

7. Alkaline & Weight Loss:

  • Alkaline water potentially counters fat storage, streamlining the weight loss process.

Real-World Evidence - Hendersonville NC Study:

Amid the verdant backdrop of Hendersonville, North Carolina, an interesting experiment took place. Participants didn’t overhaul their diet, nor did they indulge in any new rigorous exercise regimens.

All they did was make a simple switch in what they drank. It might sound too simple to be true, but sometimes profound impacts come from straightforward changes.

The Study

  • The Single Change: Participants only made one change – they started consuming alkaline water.
  • Specifics of the Water: This wasn’t just any alkaline water. It had a pH ranging from 10.2 to 10.6, nudging it considerably to the alkaline side of the spectrum.
  • The Machine: The source of this water was the UCE-13 PLUS, a state-of-the-art under-the-counter alkaline machine. With its high-tech faucet peeping above the counter, it transformed Hendersonville’s local tap water into the desired alkaline elixir.

The Local Context

Hendersonville’s tap water is soft, with a TDS of just 30 ppm, suggesting an astoundingly low mineral content. Contrast this with mineral water which usually hovers around a TDS of 250 ppm.

Hendersonville’s tap water is soft, with a TDS of just 30 ppm, suggesting an astoundingly low mineral content. Contrast this with mineral water which usually hovers around a TDS of 250 ppm.


One might wonder, with such a dramatic shift in pH, were there any side effects? The answer is as refreshing as the water itself: None. Zero. Not a single side effect was reported, underlining the safety of the alkaline water from the UCE-13 PLUS.


In an age where we’re inundated with health hacks and complex dietary regimens, Hendersonville’s study offers a stark counterpoint. It suggests that monumental health shifts might lie in elemental changes, quite literally. Here, the transformative power of water, when given a slight alkaline push, came to the fore.

Implications and Beyond

While the study presents a compelling case for alkaline water, it’s a reminder that sometimes, the tools for better health are right under our noses, or in this case, right under our counters.

The UCE-13 PLUS and its above-counter faucet might just be modern symbols of age-old wisdom: Water is life. And sometimes, just a slight tweak to this life source can usher in profound health dividends.

Key Takeaways

Weight loss journeys are complex. They’re interspersed with trials, errors, and myriad methodologies. However, the benefits of alkaline water, grounded in scientific evidence, offer an intriguing proposition. Perhaps the solution we’ve been seeking has been flowing beneath us all along.

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