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Top Alkaline Water Brands to Consider

When it comes to alkaline water, like many things in life, not all brands are created equal. But before we delve into those to avoid, let’s get a clear picture of what alkaline water actually is.
Alkaline water sets itself apart from regular tap water by boasting a higher pH level. While scientific evidence supporting its benefits may not be rock-solid, many enthusiasts claim it can neutralize acidity in your body and even rev up your metabolism. Some even say it aids in nutrient absorption.
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If you’re curious and want to put alkaline water to the test, here’s a rundown of some of the top alkaline water brands on the market today. These brands offer various ways to enjoy alkaline water, be it through bottles, machines, or alkaline water filter pitchers.

Brands to Steer Clear Of: Kangen Water

Before we dive into the best options, it’s crucial to highlight one to avoid: Kangen Water by Enagic. While the machine itself might have merits, it often comes with a hefty price tag inflated to compensate for commissions paid to salespeople. It operates in a manner similar to a pyramid scheme, which raises concerns.
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Top Alkaline Water Brands to Consider

1. Hyzen Hydrogen Water Generator Pitcher:

If you’re looking to go green and reduce plastic bottle usage, this pitcher is a fantastic choice. It can hold up to 1.5 liters of liquid and is crafted from eco-friendly, BPA-free Tritan™ plastic.
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2. Alkaline88 Alkaline Water:

This brand not only quenches your thirst with great-tasting water but also adds 84 minerals to help balance your body’s pH.

3. Essentia Enhanced 9.5 pH Water:

For those seeking high pH levels, Essentia delivers with an impressive 9.5 pH. It undergoes meticulous filtration to eliminate chlorine and fluoride, ensuring it surpasses tap water.

4. EHM Electronic "H-Pitcher" Hydrogen Alkaline Water Ionizer Generator Flask:

Skip the manual alkaline water-making process with this convenient bottle. It provides you with good-tasting hydrogen alkaline water and is made from top-notch 304 food-grade stainless steel. Plus, it’s portable, easy to use, and even comes with a rechargeable battery and USB cable for added convenience.
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5. Alkaline Water Pitcher with 6 Filters:

This alkaline water filter pitcher is user-friendly. Simply fill it up, and it elevates the pH level of your water while also removing metals. The Wellblue Ionizer pitcher even features a timer option.

Why Choose Tyent UCE-13 PLUS Water Ionizer Alkaline Machine?

Tyent UCE 11The beauty of this machine lies in its versatility. Even if you’re not planning to exclusively drink alkaline water, it’s still an excellent investment. You can seamlessly switch between alkaline and non-alkaline water whenever you wish.

Key Features of Tyent UCE-13 PLUS:

  • Multiple Water Options: This machine offers various healthy water choices, including alkaline, ionized acidic, and regular drinking water.

  • Built-In Filtration: It doesn’t just ionize your water; it also filters it. The built-in filters purify several gallons of water before needing replacement.

  • Easy Installation: You don’t need to be a plumbing expert to set up this machine. Simply connect it to your sink and start enjoying fresh water from its spout instead of the tap.

  • Special Offer: As a bonus, there’s currently a discount and a bundle package upgrade available. Use coupon code “WaterGeek” to unlock 7 FREE extras along with FREE US Shipping.


Avoid These Alkaline Water Brands: Kangen Water

We’ve previously discussed Kangen Water by Enagic, which we concluded operates in a pyramid scheme-like manner. While the machine itself may have merit, its inflated price tag covers commissions paid to salespeople. It’s best to steer clear of such schemes.
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Looking for Natural Alkaline Water Brands?

If you prefer natural options, consider brands like Heart Water. This upmarket alkaline water offers a pH level that’s truly remarkable. It’s sourced from artesian rainwater and comes in an impressive six-pack.

However, if you want 100% natural alkaline water, you can easily make it at home using items from your kitchen cupboard. It’s a quick process, often taking less than a minute. Check out our related article on “How To Make Alkaline Water (For FREE & In Less Than 1 Minute)” for detailed steps.

The Best Home Alkaline Water Machine?

Tyent UCE 11When it comes to under-counter machines that connect directly to your faucet, the Tyent UCE-13 PLUS surpasses our previous favorite, the ACE-13. Its large design fits conveniently under the sink, and you can select your preferred alkaline water options with a user-friendly touch screen.

While it’s true that alkaline machines aren’t cheap, there’s currently a special offer for a bundle package upgrade for FREE. What sets this machine apart is its robust filtration system, nearly as powerful as its alkaline processing capabilities. It can effectively remove heavy metals like lead and mercury, making it ideal for those who don’t want alkaline water all the time.

Why Tyent UCE-13 PLUS Stands Out:

  • Powerful Performance: This home alkaline machine boasts 11 plates, producing alkaline water with a pH range of 1.7-12.0.
  • Advanced Filtration: It comes with multiple filters capable of eliminating up to 99% of most bacteria or parasites in your water.
  • Easy Setup: No need for a professional plumber; you can easily install and set it up yourself.
  • Direct Faucet Connection: It connects directly to your tap faucets for convenience.
What’s more, with its ‘FOREVER LIFETIME WARRANTY,’ you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that this machine is built to last.

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